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by nöel mascías

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Hi there!

My name is Nöel. I’m a Strategic Designer and I’m here to guide you in finding your own voice.  

Working together, we will define a cohesive Design Strategy that brings to life your mission, vision and goals, with special focus on creating a value proposition that resonates with your customers/users’ needs.

It is possible to achieve results with a sustainable value by working integrally.

Are you ready?

What is design strategy?

It is a discipline that combines creative and analytical skills to deliver sustainable solutions by engaging customers and clients through the Design Thinking methodology.

Executing a successful design strategy requires a strategic thinking mindset to focus more on problem-solving, execution, and better alignment with business goals.

    What does a strategic designer do?



    a lot of strategic questions!



    context to understand how the business is operating today


    opportunities for action



     in making decisions as to where to focus and when


    how the business will evolve into the future


    more complete and resilient solutions

    Generating new ideas, solving big problems

    With over 15 years of experience working with entrepeneurs, Start-ups, SMEs and Big 4 complanies, I’ve become a specialist in Brand Identity, Web Design, Visual Communication, Marketing, User/Customer Experience, and Service Design.

    I had the opportunity to work side by side with creatives and specialists from different backgrounds, meet amazing illustrators and work with experienced developers, researchers and data analysts. 

    My purpose today is to help businesses to navigate a competitive market by developing together design and communication strategies that deliver results.

    Nöel Mascías

    Entrepreneur + Designer + Coach

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